Enhanced Disinfection Services

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electrostatic spraying
Eliminate COVID-19, the Flu, and other viruses faster
ATP Monitoring
Verify the effectiveness of our disinfection process

Experience a before-and-after-Newline level of cleanliness.

Seriously, cleaning is kind of out thing. Here's our disinfection routine.
High-touch surfaces
Disinfecting high-touch areas such as doorknobs, light switches, and handrails, and elevator buttons
Disinfecting all surfaces, including toilets, sinks, and counters
Kitchen Areas
Disinfecting countertops, sinks, and appliances
Disinfecting all desks, keyboards, and computer mice, to ensure that these areas are clean and hygienic
Common areas
Disinfecting lobbies, waiting rooms, and elevator banks to ensure that they are clean and safe for all
Disinfecting floors to safely remove all germs and bacteria

our enhanced disinfection services process

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initial assesment
We'll assess the high-touch areas of your space thoroughly to determine the most effective disinfection plan.


Electrostatic Disinfection
We'll apply a safe, eco-friendly disinfectant to all surfaces, ensuring complete coverage and effective disinfection.


We'll verify the effectiveness of our disinfection services by conducting a series of ATP tests to ensure that your space is safe.

why Newline's enhanced disinfection services

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Cleaning franchises
Most cleaning companies
* Based on data from NYC-based companies offering enhanced disinfection services in 2022
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FAQ: enhanced disinfection Services

What is enhanced disinfection?
Enhanced disinfection is a specialized cleaning service that involves using advanced technologies and disinfectants to eliminate germs, viruses, and bacteria from surfaces. This service provides an extra layer of protection against the spread of infectious diseases.
What technologies are used for enhanced disinfection?
Enhanced disinfection services use a variety of technologies and disinfectants, including electrostatic sprayers, ultraviolet (UV) light, and hospital-grade disinfectants. These technologies and disinfectants are designed to eliminate germs and bacteria from surfaces effectively.
How long does enhanced disinfection last?
The duration of enhanced disinfection depends on several factors, including the type of disinfectant used and the frequency of cleaning. Some disinfectants offer protection for several hours, while others may offer protection for several days.
Are You Bonded And Insured?
Yes, we are fully bonded and covered with General Liability and Worker’s Comp insurance.
Can You Provide A COI (Certificate Of Insurance)?
Absolutely! We are more than happy to provide a certificate of insurance upon request.